Cooling System

Your vehicle’s cooling system works hard to keep your engine running as you drive around central Adelaide, preventing any overheating or other serious issues.

The more you drive around, the hotter your engine becomes and the harder your radiator works to pump liquid coolant through a series of rubber radiator hoses.

However, without regular scheduled servicing, you could find that your cooling system fails to work as it should, potentially leaving you standard on the side of the road with an expensive repair bill.

At Adelaide City Crash, we offer our customers a complete range of cooling system services, including:

  • Radiator repairs or replacement
  • Heater repairs or replacement
  • Coolant flushing

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Driving around central Adelaide without brakes that work as they should, could be a dangerous and life-threatening situation, potentially putting both yourself and your loved ones in harm’s way.

The more time that your vehicle is on the road, the more your vehicle’s brakes begin to degrade and cease to operate correctly.

However, through regular inspection and preventative maintenance of your brakes, you can remain rest assured that in an emergency your vehicle will come to a complete stop.

Here at Adelaide City Crash, we provide customers with the following services:

  • Component replacement (pads, rotors, drums, etc.)
  • Machining
  • Hoses
  • Restorations

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Smash Repairs

Adelaide City Crash are proud to offer customers a comprehensive range of smash repairs and services. No matter the damage to your vehicle, either minor or major, we can provide you with accident repairs, spray painting, dent repairs and detailing.

Spray Painting

When it comes to spray painting, our industry leading experience will have your vehicle looking brand new after an accident, with no visible differences in the original paint work. Our comprehensive oven-baked painting jobs come out smooth and leave your vehicle looking at its best.

Paintless Dent Repair

If hail has struck your vehicle, leaving dents, scratches or noticeable paint damage, at Adelaide City Crash our paintless dent repairs using modern technology, can be used to bring your vehicle back to its original look.


Popular with our customers who enjoy their vehicle’s looking at their very best, our professional detailing service will ensure that your vehicle receives complete protective care, with all work done onsite, so you can be rest assured that your vehicle will always be in safe hands.

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Auto Electrical

Modern day passenger vehicles have one of the most complex and sophisticated auto electrical systems of all time, comprised of the battery, alternator and starter motor, which all work together to enable you to turn your vehicle on and drive out of your garage.

However, without regular scheduled vehicle servicing, your alternator, starter motor and especially the battery, can begin to have overcharging problems, go flat on you, or even outright fail.

At Adelaide City Crash, we always recommend that customers book their vehicle’s in for regular servicing and preventative maintenance if required. This will ensure costs are kept to a minimum and that you are not out of pocket unnecessarily.

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Air Conditioning

At Adelaide City Crash, we are proud to soon offer customers a comprehensive re-gassing service that will be available from November 2019!

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Adelaide City Crash is your premier destination, when it comes to the restoration of classic vehicles.

Providing restoration services Adelaide wide, we can assist you with ground-up restorations of classic vehicles, including taking a broken-down frame and restoring it to showroom quality.

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